1969 Trident

Bought as a partly disassembled (and bent) but complete unit this bike was thrown together for the 1983 run to the Easter bike races at Bathurst (Australia).


After leaking many pints of oil and suffering (points) ignition problems throughout the 2000km round trip the bike was dismantled for a much needed refurb.

Re-emerging in much better shape it looked like this and went into daily service.

69 Trident

As an everyday ‘ride to work’ machine it was used (and abused) for┬ámany years but eventually ended up in pieces awaiting another rebuild.

Many years passed (about 20 actually) and now it has finally emerged as a show winner looking like this….




Not one steel item that was originally zinc plated remains in place on this machine. Each part has been painstakingly reproduced out of Stainless Steel.

It is a pleasure to ride, sounds awesome and is a perfect example of why we love to restore Classic Triumphs!