Classic Triumph

Recent Project – T160 – CLICK HERE

DVD – Complete T160 Trident Engine Rebuild. CLICK HERE for more information

If you have a passion for classic Triumphs built before the Meriden factory closed in 1983 is for you! These were the machines we grew up with and loved. Our hobby and our passion is to restore these old Triumphs and share the experience with anyone who loves classic Triumphs as much as we do.

We photograph and video the projects we are working on and make that footage available both here and on our YouTube channel. We work on projects and share the journey with our visitors and along the way we develop solutions to common problems.

Our goal is to provide content for as many classic Triumph models as possible so we will be constantly adding to the menu and the content.

Current projects include the ground-up restoration of a 1974 T150V Trident and an engine rebuild for a 1982 TSS twin. And for something different, a T150 powered Oil in Frame Bonneville (a Tri-ville?).

Here are a few of our recently completed projects..


T150V Tident US Spec