T160 Primary Drive Conversion

Triumph Trident Owners here  is  THE  solution  to  all  your T160  Primary  Drive  Conversion  problems!

You can’t buy a replacement chain for your machine so you need to find a T160 Primary Drive Conversion solution before your old chain breaks in service.

Introducing a ‘World First’ kit that allows you to use a standard T150 Triplex Primary Chain and engine sprocket……

Replace your standard T160 cush drive sprocket with this 3/8″ pitch triple row T160 Primary Chain Conversion item and the problem is solved!

T160-Primary Chain ConversionT160-Triplex-Conversion

T160 Primary Chain Conversion – Use with a standard T150 Engine Sprocket, chain adjuster slipper and standard T150 Triplex Chain (all readily available).

T160 Primary Chain a

Original Trident T160 Primary Drive used a 7/16″ Duplex Chain which is no longer available.

Reduced Internal Clearance

While we were designing this product we decided to cure another T160 Cush Drive problem by reducing the clearance between the tips of the vanes and the inside surface of the drive so the rubbers don’t get chopped to pieces prematurely. We produce these using the same inside diameter as a T150 unit which did not have the problem T160 units had.

Original T160

Original T160 had excess clearance

T160 Cush Drive Close-up

New unit has much less clearance


We also supply a slightly longer bush and spacer to move the gear lever crossover shaft link slightly closer to the inside of the Primary  Chain Cover and away from the slightly wider sprocket.

Bush and Spacer

‘Swap and Go’ Fitting

Here we demonstrate how easy it is to fit this kit to your T160.

This is such an easy solution to the problem all T160 owners have been up against for some time now it is hard to imagine why Triumph ever changed to a Duplex Chain in the first place!

T160 Primary Drive Conversion

AUD$380 (plus postage).

Airmail postage estimates are as follows…(these are a guide only).

Europe – AUD$65
USA            -AUD$50
New Zealand   – AUD$30
Australia – Max $20

To place an order please e-mail your name and address to [email protected] and use the subject line “Order T160 Primary Drive Kit“.

We’ll send you a payment request through PayPal and once payment is received will ship your kit ASAP.

Rob Fenstra from The LIfeboat Company in The Netherlands gives ouor conversion the Thumbs Up!

Rob Fenstra from The Lifeboat Company in The Netherlands gives our conversion the Thumbs Up. Says the bike “Runs Great and much less noise”.